Linden Gold Awards Underground Mining Contract to Mako Mining


Linden Gold have awarded a two year, $45.7m contract with Mako Mining Pty Ltd as activities ramp up at the company’s Second Fortune Gold Project, located 220 kilometres northeast of Kalgoorlie and 109km south of Laverton.

Mako Mining were initially mobilised at the site in November 2020 to commence underground works in December, after Linden Gold acquired the project from Anova Minerals in September of the same year.

Dewatering and rehabilitation works were completed in the later portion of Q4 2020.

A specialist narrow vein underground mining contractor, Mako Mining have a proven track record of successfully mining narrow vein orebodies and meeting production, performance and development targets.

It was this critical experience, combined with the company’s enviable zero recorded LTI’s since inception that formed the basis of Linden Gold’s decision to pursue the contract.

LGA’s General Manager of Operations Andrew Rich said,

“The appointment of a leading narrow vein underground mining contractor is an exciting time for both companies and allows LGA to continue its development plans to extract the resource at Second Fortune in a safe, efficient and productive manner. Mako are renowned for their ability to mine narrow vein ore systems and we are looking forward to working with them going forward.”

Mako Mining possess an impressive fleet of narrow vein underground equipment, in addition to an expert management and operational team – well versed in the unique requirements of mining contracts of this nature – which will be critical to the optimisation of productivity on site.

Along with LGA’s extensive technical and leadership expertise in narrow vein gold mining, this alliance of companies will provide the project with the best opportunity to develop a robust, high-grade narrow vein resource.

The company is on track for first ore production during March 2021.