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Jasper Hills Scoping Study – Stage 1

27 November 2023

Settlement of the Devon Joint Venture

20 November 2023

Linden Gold merges with Lord Byron Mining

27 October 2023

Linden Signs Infrastructure Sharing Agreement with Legacy Iron Ore

04 October 2023

Debt Restructure complete – St Barbara now a Major Shareholder

11 August 2023

Linden to be Debt Free – St Barbara to become Major Shareholder

19 July 2023

Strategic Balance Sheet Restructure – St Barbara to become Major Shareholder

19 May 2023

Linden Delivers Strong Operating Performance and Exploration Progress

28 April 2023

Joint Venture Agreement Finalised with Matsa Resources for Devon Open Pit

14 November 2022

Linden Gold Acquires Devon and Red October Projects For Big Picture Planning

16 December 2021

Linden Gold Enters Toll Processing and Debt Facility Agreement With St Barbara

27 January 2021

Linden Gold Awards Underground Mining Contract to Mako Mining

15 January 2021